5 Implementing The Canberra Spatial Plan

The implementation strategy of The Canberra Spatial Plan will use a number of tools and mechanisms over the timeframe of the Plan. This section highlights the key actions necessary to implement the Strategic Direction for Canberra. Many of these actions are a move away from the current planning policy in the ACT. However, as shown throughout the Plan, Canberra is facing critical issues and choices and strong planning decisions need to be made to ensure a more sustainable and viable future Canberra.

Implementation framework

An implementation framework has been developed to ensure that The Canberra Spatial Plan can be achieved over the next 30 years. The key interventions of the implementation framework include:

  • land release;
  • investment in infrastructure;
  • Central Canberra Implementation Program;
  • master plans for urban renewal sites;
  • policy changes to the Territory Plan and the National Capital Plan; and
  • further investigations.

Implementing the key initiatives of the Spatial Plan

A number of actions have been identified to achieve the goals and objectives of the Spatial Plan and are outlined in detail in Section 4. The actions related to the implementation of each of the key initiatives of the Spatial Plan are summarised below.