Higher Density Residential Development

Higher density residential development will be promoted within the existing urban area, providing easy access between home and places of work, education, community services and cultural activities. Primarily this increased development will occur in Civic, along Northbourne Avenue, Constitution Avenue, in Barton and Kingston and around the town centres with limited change to existing suburban areas. People will enjoy a choice of housing type and location.


  • Release of land for residential development in Civic.
  • Preparation of master plans for major urban renewal sites in Central Canberra.
  • Allow flexible development of priority urban renewal sites, particularly for affordable housing projects.
  • Working with the National Capital Authority, identify any required amendments to the National Capital Plan to allow mixed land uses in the Central National Area so that residential development can occur in appropriate locations adjacent to, and within, major employment areas.


  • Progressively require the provision of more adaptable and accessible housing.
  • Review residential planning policies to address the need for small scale residential development within existing suburbs for affordable and adaptable housing.