Employment Growth

Civic and existing centres will be the focus of employment growth, with existing corridors of employment reinforced by clustering at nodes along the corridors (additional district activity nodes will be located in the Molonglo Valley and the Kowen Plateau as these areas develop).


  • Release sufficient land in Civic to meet demand for office space.
  • Retail moratorium on town centres removed.
  • Provide incentives for development in Civic through the planning approvals process (for example, remove the requirement for preliminary assessments if proposals are consistent with the land use policy).
  • Amend the National Capital Plan to allow a greater mix of uses in the Central National Area.
  • Develop an investment strategy to ensure cost effective and efficient provision of infrastructure, including ICT infrastructure, to support the growth of Canberra.
  • Participation in the preparation of the Sydney-Canberra Corridor Strategy to ensure future directions for employment growth are reflected within planning for surrounding NSW.