Strong Dynamic Heart

Civic and the central area will form a strong dynamic heart to the Territory and surrounding NSW — a centre of culture, business, ideas and creativity; retaining and attracting jobs, people and important events.


  • Timely release of land in Civic for additional commercial floorspace and residential development.
  • Proceed with Central Canberra Implementation Program.
  • Work collaboratively with the National Capital Authority to rationalise planning requirements and processes generally, and in Civic in particular.
  • Provide incentives for development in Civic through the planning approvals process (for example, remove the requirement for preliminary assessments if proposals are consistent with the land use policy).
  • Preparation of master plans for major urban renewal sites in Central Canberra.
  • A review of planning procedures governing the release of land to ensure timely and efficient release of additional land in Central Canberra.
  • Investigate the feasibility of introducing incentives for development in Civic (and the town centres).
  • Investigate feasibility of limited land release for affordable housing and student housing projects in, and close to, the city centre and other significant education and employment nodes.