Protecting Opportunities for Employment Growth

Significant assets that contribute to the economic viability of the Territory will be protected. These include the Mount Stromlo Observatory and Canberra International Airport. An Aircraft Noise Protection Corridor is identified for the Majura-Symonston Valleys and the Territory will not locate any residential development within these valleys where residents would be adversely impacted by aircraft noise. A low light zone is established around Mount Stromlo Observatory to enable the continued operation of this facility as the Molonglo Valley is developed.


  • Initiate a variation to the Territory Plan to include the 20 ANEF (Australian Noise Exposure Forecast) as a clearance zone from the Canberra International Airport within which residential development will not be allowed.
  • Further investigations to identify in detail potential land for industrial and related employment purposes in the Majura–Symonston Valleys.
  • Detailed structure planning and urban design undertaken to ensure that light pollution associated with road alignments, building elevations, street lighting and the location of recreation facilities does not adversely impact Mount Stromlo Observatory.
  • Reintroduction of landscape screening between Mount Stomlo Observatory and urban areas through the construction of Deek’s Forest Park.


  • Investigate the need to undertake lifecycle replacement of light fittings within the Territory to ensure low upward light spill to assist the operations of Mount Stromlo Observatory.