GOAL Ensure fiscal responsibility
Regional Infrastructure Provision

OBJECTIVE — Facilitate the provision of physical, social and cultural infrastructure in a coordinated and cost effective manner

The ACT and surrounding NSW governments should enable and encourage economic and employment growth that provides for regional benefits and acknowledges the value of key regional infrastructure.

Policy response
  • Infrastructure will be provided to correspond with land release and development to meet the projected demand for additional dwellings.
  • Infrastructure will be provided to facilitate and support effective growth of employment centres.
  • The outward spread of the city will be contained. This will help to ensure that existing ACT school sites, health care sites and other facilities are used to maximum efficiency, and that existing facilities can continue to operate efficiently.
  • ACT to work cooperatively with Commonwealth, NSW and local governments to achieve planning outcomes that ensure residents have appropriate access to services and infrastructure across the ACT and surrounding NSW.
  • Development of a Regional Management Framework between ACT and NSW Governments to ensure cooperative management of critical issues, such as water supply, urban development programs, including location, sequencing and timing of urban development and related urban infrastructure such as roads.
  • Participate in the development of the Sydney-Canberra Corridor Strategy.
  • Development and redevelopment sites within existing urban areas will be identified and planned to ensure a full range of housing types is provided to maximise the efficient use of existing social infrastructure.
  • An investment strategy will be developed to ensure that infrastructure is provided in a coordinated and efficient manner.
  • Agreed delivery program including funding for services and infrastructure across all levels of government in the ACT and surrounding NSW.
  • Efficient use of existing school and other existing services and facilities.
Monitoring indicators
  • Per capita expenditure on capital works program for new and upgraded infrastructure.
  • Per capita expenditure on recurrent service delivery program.