GOAL Ensure fiscal responsibility
Efficient Use Of Infrastructure

OBJECTIVE — Facilitate improved efficiency of urban infrastructure such as transport systems, water supply, wastewater management, stormwater management, electricity and telecommunications

The scale of investment from the private sector reflects confidence within the city. This includes investment in homes, offices, shops and leisure facilities throughout the city. The implementation of the Spatial Plan will support that investment through the supply of key services and infrastructure and by encouraging appropriate types of investment into areas of need and opportunity. This investment will also be used to support the priorities of the Plan. Additional residential development within the existing urban area will result in infrastructure being required for:

  • water quality control of stormwater for all urban catchments; and
  • upgrading of the measured water quality within Lake Burley Griffin.
Policy response
  • All new greenfields and new redevelopment and urban renewal sites in the ACT will be designed to a high quality, including provision of services and facilities and infrastructure, such as telecommunications.
  • All water catchments for potential future water supply will be protected.
  • An investment strategy will be developed to ensure that new infrastructure including roads, public transport, water supply, sewerage system and telecommunications, provided by governments and the private sector supports key planning, economic and social justice initiatives. This will also ensure that infrastructure operates to maximum efficiency, in the delivery of information and services to the community.
  • The planning and installation of infrastructure for new and existing areas will be addressed through further investigation, structure planning initiatives and the Capital Works Program.
  • In the medium to long term investment in infrastructure for the construction of Molonglo Valley and Kowen Plateau as a residential area, including the installation of water, sewer mains and pumps, stormwater systems and telecommunications.
  • Upgrades of existing water, sewerage and stormwater systems will be provided to cater for urban renewal sites in Central Canberra and other locations as they occur. Continued provision will be required to Gungahlin, and upgrades and connections will be provided for the Molonglo Valley and the Kowen Plateau. Sustainable practices such as water reuse, including recycling greywater, stormwater and treated effluent, will be implemented.
  • New sewage treatment plants will be provided for areas unable to be serviced by the current system, including the Kowen Plateau when needed. The reuse of Lower Molonglo treated sewage will be extended. The Capital Works Program will address and coordinate the infrastructure requirements to implement the Spatial Plan.
  • Minimise cost per capita of provision of infrastructure.
  • Protection of the water quality of the riverine system in the ACT.
  • New infrastructure funded from revenue related to land sales.
  • Recurrent costs for infrastructure maintenance contained to not exceed rates revenue.


Monitoring indicators
  • Cost of infrastructure provision per capita.
  • Revenue received from land sales per capita (per annum).
  • Revenue received from rates per capita (per annum).
  • Revenue received from stamp duty per capita (per annum).
  • Quality of water in rivers and lakes.