GOAL Respect the natural environment
Air Quality

OBJECTIVE — Maintain air quality

The ACT Greenhouse Strategy 2000 addresses greenhouse gas emission issues. Environmental protection measures, managed through Environment ACT, seek to reduce atmospheric pollution.

Policy response
  • The Spatial Plan supports the initiatives of the ACT Greenhouse Strategy 2000 and reduction in air pollution in that it proposes an urban form and structure that:
  • minimises car use by reducing total travel distances;
  • encourages alternatives travel modes such as walking, cycling and public transport;
  • encourages more efficient commercial building stock by providing opportunities for new commercial development to replace older and less energy efficient buildings; and
  • encourages decreased residential energy use through higher density housing and more efficient lower density housing.
  • Planning policies and regulations will continue to control atmospheric pollutants, including those generated through wood-fired heaters.
  • Release land for the development of energy efficient dwellings within and adjacent to existing town centres and Civic, through urban renewal and increased residential densities.
  • Release land for the development of new, more energy efficient commercial buildings, especially in Civic where the largest proportion of older commercial building stock remains.
  • Introduce an energy efficiency rating system for commercial building consistent with national standards based on Green Star.
  • Progressively increase education incentives and regulations to control air pollution, especially those generated through wood-fired heaters.
  • The air quality of the ACT maintained.
  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions per year per capita.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions and other negative external impacts from private car use.
Monitoring indicators
  • Greenhouse gas emissions per year (transport).
  • Number of ACT households connected to gas as percentage of all households.
  • Total fuel consumption in the ACT.
  • Amount of pollutant particles in air.