GOAL Respect the natural environment
Resource Use

OBJECTIVE — Create and establish a built form and city layout that minimises resource consumption, including water and energy use

Non-renewable energy

The Spatial Plan will result in an urban structure that encourages more sustainable energy use through the reduced need for private vehicle travel and through residential and commercial development that will reduce the resource requirements per capita.

Policy response
  • Future urban settlements and urban renewal areas will be located to minimise journey times and hence energy use related to travel.
  • All new residential development will meet a five star energy efficiency rating consistent with national standards.
  • New commercial development will be energy efficient.
  • Further investigation into the following issues will be undertaken in association with the Commonwealth and State Governments:
  • building type and energy use, including embodied energy; and
  • energy use in travel.
  • Subsequently, a system will be established to raise the minimum sustainability performance of buildings (for example, requiring energy and water saving features and stormwater runoff reduction). The system, which will be enforced through statutory quantitative requirements, will assist commercial and residential developers and home owners to provide more sustainable housing and commercial premises. It is likely to include rewards for those providing the highest levels of sustainable development.
  • Working with the Australian Building Codes Board, further investigate the introduction of Green Star — the energy efficiency rating methodology developed by the Green Building Council of Australia for commercial and multi-storey residential buildings.
  • Support the use of renewable energy.
  • Minimise non-renewable energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions and costs to the community.
Monitoring indicators
  • The annual per capita energy usage of non-renewable energy.
  • The proportion of renewable energy use compared with non-renewable energy use.
  • The proportion of commercial buildings with a higher than average rating for energy efficiency (such as Green Star).