GOAL Maintain a unique sense of place
High Quality Built Environment

OBJECTIVE — Facilitate a high quality built environment

Good urban design enriches the experience of the city, creates a unique sense of place and has the capacity to add to the community’s cultural and economic well being. The value and significance of committing to urban design is recognised and urban design strategies and detailed design policies will be developed to enhance the performance of the urban environment, including the quality urban architecture and the environmental design of new subdivisions.

Policy response
  • Invest strategically in the public realm to add value to the overall development of the city and enhance the unique landscape qualities of Canberra.
  • Encourage high quality urban design in all areas of the city including greenfield development, urban consolidation and renewal sites.
  • Invest in public realm improvements.
  • Develop policies that clearly articulate the character and quality of the built and landscape form.
  • Develop strategies that define key areas for improvements and facilitate the implementation of these improvements.
  • Establish an ACT Urban Design Charter.
  • Prepare design guidelines for new subdivisions.
  • High standards of urban design throughout the city.
  • Enhanced amenity and environmental performance of urban areas.
  • The community feels safe, has pride in and enjoys the experience of living and working in Canberra’s urban environment.
  • Investment is attracted to Civic and town centres.
Monitoring indicators
  • Urban design awards.
  • Investment and employment in Civic and town centres.
  • Community satisfaction with quality of new urban development.