GOAL Maintain a unique sense of place
Cultural and Natural Heritage

OBJECTIVE — Recognise the importance of cultural and natural heritage

The ACT has a rich natural and cultural heritage encompassing both Indigenous and European cultural values. This heritage is an integral part of the urban and rural fabric of Canberra. Past planning has created a national capital city of international renown. Places already identified as having heritage significance are protected in the Heritage Places Register.

Policy response
  • All greenfields development and redevelopment and urban renewal projects will acknowledge cultural and natural heritage sites of Indigenous and European significance.
  • The outcomes of the Griffin Legacy project by the National Capital Authority will inform the future planning and development of Central Canberra.
  • Comprehensive heritage surveys will be undertaken in future urban areas identified in the Spatial Plan, initially for the Molonglo Valley area, followed by the Kowen Plateau. There will also be studies of major urban renewal sites.
  • The development approval system will continue to consider heritage issues and ensure the protection of heritage values. Future development will be sympathetic and complementary.
  • Proceed with a Central Canberra Implementation Program, in close association with the National Capital Authority (with particular reference to the Griffin Legacy project) and other civic leaders, agreeing the approach and priorities for the next stage of development and revitalisation of Central Canberra along the following themes:
  • access;
  • the land use mix;
  • investment — private and public;
  • environmental leadership;
  • promotion and events; and
  • exemplary urban design.
  • The heritage register truly represents and protects the diverse nature of ACT heritage.
  • The Indigenous community is fully engaged in the identification and protection of Indigenous sites of significance.
  • Critical elements of Walter Burley Griffin’s plan for Canberra will be protected and implemented.
Monitoring indicators
  • Proportion of identified heritage places protected in the ACT Heritage Places Register.
  • Proportion of Griffin plan completed.