GOAL Maintain a unique sense of place
Open Space

OBJECTIVE — Retain and strengthen the open space network, including the hills, ridges, natural watercourses and gullies

The open space network is a fundamental part of the city’s amenity, being the ‘seeing space’ of the immediate landscape setting for which Canberra is internationally renowned.

Policy response
  • The hills, ridges, waterways, major water features and gullies will be retained as the landscape setting.
  • There will be no additional urban development on hilltops and steeply sloping ridges.
  • Landscape and visual assessments of proposed greenfield development areas in the Molonglo Valley and the Kowen Plateau will be undertaken as a part of the detailed structure planning process. This will include identification of any key vistas that should be retained.
  • The landscape setting areas shown on Map 1 — The Canberra Spatial Plan — Strategic Direction will be predominantly protected as the landscape setting for the city (hills, ridges and gullies) through amendment to the National Capital Plan and variations to the Territory Plan where protection is not currently in place.
  • The recommendations of Shaping Our Territory will be implemented to increase access to important open space and recreation areas.
  • Preserved and enhanced open space networks.
  • Access to, and enjoyment of, open space areas.
  • Retention of bush capital setting.
Monitoring indicators
  • Change in hectares of land designated as urban open space.
  • Change in hectares of land designated as hills, ridges and buffer areas.
  • Change in hectares of land designated as mountains and bushland.
  • Change in hectares of land designated as river corridors.
  • Feedback from Canberrans and visitors about their enjoyment of the open space networks in Canberra.