GOAL Sustain employment opportunities
Economic Development

OBJECTIVE — Facilitate a prosperous city

A range of opportunities are identified in The Economic White Paper for economic and industry growth for Canberra. These include building on our competitive advantages in research by fostering clustering of key industries; recognising the high quality infrastructure in place, and galvanising a supportive planning system to:

  • realise the potential of Civic;
  • develop in key nodes along corridors;
  • create a sustainable transport system; and
  • retain and attract the best range of skilled people to the ACT.
Policy response
  • The key characteristics of the city that contribute to economic growth will be enhanced. These characteristics include its role as the national capital and the seat of Federal Parliament, the ease of getting around the city, the safe and clean environment, and the vibrancy of centres as places of social, cultural and business exchange.
  • The attractive lifestyle offered by the landscape setting and urban form will be enhanced, as will the high quality services and infrastructure currently provided including utilities, transport, telecommunications, and public services and facilities.
  • A range of housing choices will ensure the preferences of tertiary graduates are met and that the lifestyle qualities that younger people enjoy are enhanced within the ACT.
  • Activity nodes are identified to provide for and encourage economic and employment growth that benefits both the ACT and surrounding NSW.
  • Restrictions on the size and types of development in Civic and the town centres (including the requirement for preliminary assessments for buildings over 7,000m2 and the retail moratorium) will be lifted.
  • Land will be released for both residential and commercial development within Civic and the town centres as a first priority and other activity nodes where demand warrants.
  • The feasibility of limited land release for affordable housing projects targeted towards young people in and close to the city centre and other significant education and employment nodes will be investigated. If economic benefits are identified, an implementation strategy will be developed to achieve a range of affordable housing in locations that support economic development.
  • An investment strategy will be developed to ensure that sufficient infrastructure, including information, communication and technology (ICT) infrastructure, is available to all businesses to support business growth.
  • Participate in the preparation of the Sydney-Canberra Corridor Strategy to ensure future directions for employment growth are reflected within planning for surrounding NSW.
  • Strategic investment in the public realm to add value to the overall development of the city and enhance the unique built environment qualities of Canberra.
  • Vibrant, active and prosperous city centre and town centres.
  • Visually attractive built form and city layout.
  • Employment growth in the ACT.
Monitoring indicators
  • Public and private capital expenditure on upgrading the public realm per annum.
  • Office and retail vacancy rates in employment nodes.
  • Proportion of office development in Civic and the town centres as proportion of total office employment.
  • Growth in employment numbers.