GOAL Sustain employment opportunities
Protecting Opportunities for Employment Growth

OBJECTIVE — Provide opportunities for key businesses established in the ACT to grow further

The Canberra International Airport, Mount Stromlo Observatory and the agricultural and forestry industries are all recognised as assets for the ACT and surrounding NSW and elements of the local economy that provide opportunities for further growth of related businesses.

Canberra International Airport

In order to protect the airport as a significant transport asset for the region, its operations need to be unconstrained by the potential limiting effects of residential development where airport noise would impact on residents. Conversely, growth at the airport must have regard to the need to protect significant biodiversity assets on and around the airport.

The scale and nature of development at the airport provides employment opportunities not available elsewhere in the ACT. Planning to ensure that the airport continues to play a major role in this region as a regional transport hub, bringing new jobs to the region, is of fundamental importance. NSW areas are also affected by aircraft noise while the economic benefits of the airport are also important to NSW.

Policy response
  • The Canberra International Airport is recognised as critical infrastructure for the Canberra region as well as an employment node within the ACT. The Aircraft Noise Protection Corridor (Map 11 – Clearance zones) identifies areas within the ACT that are affected significantly by aircraft noise. The Territory will not locate any residential development within these valleys where residents would be adversely impacted by airport noise (the 20 ANEF is the national standard that will be adopted to ensure this outcome).
  • Land uses requiring large areas of land which are not adversely affected by aircraft noise will be directed to locate within the Aircraft Noise Protection Corridor. These uses will include industrial activities, regional recreational and tourist facilities; transport related businesses; creative industries (such as studios); high technology manufacturing and bulky goods retailing. The suitability of these activities in this corridor is further enhanced by the ease of access to the regional transport network. The location of these uses in this corridor, rather than in other parts of metropolitan Canberra, will also assist in keeping heavy vehicles out of the Central Area and the town centres.
  • Initiate a variation to the Territory Plan to include the 20 ANEF (Australian Noise Exposure Forecast) as a clearance zone within which residential development will not be allowed.
  • The ACT Government will enter into detailed discussions with NSW state and local governments as part of the development of a Regional Management Framework to ensure airport operations are not limited by residential development in areas that are likely to be adversely impacted by aircraft noise.
  • Further investigations will be undertaken to identify in detail potential land for industrial and related employment purposes around the airport and future nature reserves.
  • Airport continues to grow as a regional transport hub.
Monitoring indicator
  • Employment in transport related industries located at the airport as proportion of overall employment in region.