GOAL Sustain employment opportunities
Town Centres

OBJECTIVE — Support viable town centres as a focus for each district

The Y-Plan for Canberra included town centres in each new district which would contain employment within each district and thus reduce the journey to work as well as minimise traffic congestion in Civic. Town centres are generally economically successful and prosperous and this trend will be supported and enhanced through the Spatial Plan.

Policy response
  • Higher density residential development, and choice of housing types within the existing urban areas, predominantly within the town centres, to provide for people wishing to live close to places of work, education, community services and cultural activities.
  • Encourage employment growth in the town centres by freeing up development control.
  • Improve the attractiveness of town centres as places to live, work and for recreation.
  • Improve transport links to town centres.
  • Introduce flexible land use controls to allow town centres to respond to market demand to support their roles as centres within each district including lifting the retail moratorium.
  • Further investigate the role and extent of activity nodes within the Molonglo Valley and Kowen Plateau future urban areas as part of the detailed structure planning process for these areas.
  • Upgrade transport interchange facilities and pedestrian and cycleway access to and through town centres.
  • Upgrade infrastructure and increase investment in the public realm in the town centres
  • Vibrant town centres.
  • Improved range of services in town centres.
  • Employment growth in the town centres
Monitoring indicators
  • The number of new dwellings developed in or near town centres as a proportion of total ACT.
  • The number of redevelopments in town centres as a proportion of total floorspace in town centres.
  • The number of jobs in town centres as a proportion of total ACT.
  • Office and retail vacancy rate in town centres.
  • Proportion of district population accessing services in own town centre versus other centres outside the district.