Centralising employment

Three key employment corridors are identified as part of The Canberra Spatial Plan. The corridors are major transport corridors, providing key inter-town and regional connections via public and private transport. Civic and the town centres will be the primary focus for future employment growth within these corridors. Activity nodes within the corridors will also accommodate employment growth, but to a lesser extent than Civic and the town centres. Growth and retention of employment in Civic and town centres which are well served by public transport is highly desirable as it reduces overall travel, encourages multi-purpose trips and contributes to the vibrancy and support of businesses in centres. These centres are also suitable for further residential development creating the potential for a close relationship between dwellings and jobs, and thereby reducing the necessity for long journey to work trips.

While the Gungahlin to Tuggeranong corridor and the Belconnen to Queanbeyan corridor focus on the establishment of centres along these transport routes, the second north-south corridor along the Majura and Monaro Highways is envisaged to play a slightly different role, with different land use characteristics. Much of this area is affected by aircraft noise, making it unsuitable for residential development. This, combined with its access to good transport connections makes it highly desirable for land-extensive uses. These uses are the type that may require good access for heavy vehicles and would not be appropriate in more central locations in and around Civic and the town centres because of the necessarily less efficient use of land involved.