The Spatial Plan will be implemented through a range of measures over the next 30 years including:

  • land release;
  • investment in infrastructure;
  • Central Canberra Implementation Program;
  • master plans for urban renewal sites;
  • policy changes to the Territory Plan and the National Capital Plan; and
  • further investigations.

An implementation framework has been developed to ensure that the Strategic Direction can be achieved over the next 25–30 years. Section 4 outlines the policy response and actions to achieve specific outcomes in implementing The Canberra Spatial Plan. Section 5 summarises the implementation strategy.

For the plan to be successfully implemented, it will require coordination across the activities of many government agencies, private sector interests and the community. It will require continuity over time, but with regular monitoring to enable review where circumstances warrant. The activities of the Commonwealth, NSW and surrounding local governments will also influence the implementation of the plan. A Regional Management Framework will be established to ensure effective implementation of cross-border actions. The Territory will also participate in the preparation of the Sydney-Canberra Corridor Strategy.