Measuring progress

The Spatial Plan is a working document. The intention is that implementation of the Plan will be regularly monitored, reviewed and updated as progress towards the Strategic Direction for Canberra is gauged. Actions will be taken to respond to emerging issues or changing demands. The Plan contains indicators for measuring progress and identifying opportunities or issues where appropriate. If the indicators show the objectives of the Plan are not being achieved, then new or revised strategies will be developed. Monitoring and review measures are outlined in Section 4 in relation to each goal and objective of The Canberra Spatial Plan.

The first review will occur within two years of the adoption of the Plan, with the review to report to Government and be provided to the Legislative Assembly. Subsequently, monitoring will occur biennially and there will be a major review every five years to ensure the continual relevance of the plan’s policy response, actions and indicators and the implementation strategy. Adjustments to the Plan will be made where appropriate. The goals and broad strategic direction will remain constant over time to ensure certainty and consistency in decision making.