1 The future direction for Canberra

The Canberra Spatial Plan outlines a strategic direction that will help manage change and provide for growth to achieve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of Canberra. Under the umbrella of The Canberra Plan, it forms part of a comprehensive, integrated strategic plan for Canberra’s future. The Canberra Spatial Plan reflects the community’s aspirations for the future of the city and its setting.

The Canberra Spatial Plan — Strategic Direction
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Purpose of The Canberra Spatial Plan

The purpose of The Canberra Spatial Plan is to provide clear strategic directions for the development of Canberra over the next 30 years and beyond, but with the flexibility required to respond to change. It is the Territory’s key strategic planning document for directing and managing urban growth and change.

With its focus on spatial planning — how we use space (the land and environs of the ACT) and manage competing demands for space — it will ensure that Canberra can achieve a more sustainable, prosperous and equitable future.

Based on community aspirations and detailed planning analysis, it provides a Canberra-wide context within which neighbourhood and district planning policies can be set. It maps a course of short, medium and long term actions to support the strategic approach to the key urban development issues facing Canberra. It helps to improve understanding of and response to issues and implications that have geographical or physical and spatial dimensions. The policies provide a clear framework within which all of the stakeholders in Canberra’s future can plan their own activities to best effect.

The Spatial Plan is intended to guide the Territory in its allocation of resources, such as the use of land and the construction of capital works as well as to inform changes to both the National Capital Plan and the Territory Plan. The Spatial Plan will not replace the Territory Plan — it is a strategic document to guide more detailed planning. It sets the framework for spatially based decision making in the future and outlines the actions needed to achieve the strategic direction for Canberra over the next 30 years.