Context of The Canberra Spatial Plan

The Canberra Spatial Plan was developed through a two year process of consultation and planning review. This section outlines the context within which the Spatial Plan was developed.

The Canberra Plan

In October 2001, the ACT Government made a commitment to the people of Canberra to develop a new strategic framework to guide the development of the Territory over the coming generation.

The Canberra Plan is that framework. It defines a direction for Canberra and supports a program of integrated initiatives that will lead to its achievement.

The Canberra Plan comprises a suite of three primary elements:

  • an Economic White Paper;
  • a Social Plan; and
  • this Spatial Plan.

Together these components provide an integrated strategy for strengthening our economy and its capacity to deliver opportunities for all Canberrans. At the same time The Canberra Plan will enhance social justice and community cohesion and opportunity, and improve our ability to manage competing demands for resources, land and preservation of our environment.

The Canberra Plan is a framework for resolving long term issues. It is not the detailed solution to all those issues. It won’t provide clear-cut answers to every situation but it will insist on an integrated approach to enable diverse policies to be mutually supporting.

Because the modern city is so interconnected, The Canberra Plan will strengthen the cross-sectoral approach to emerging issues. These cross-sectoral approaches will be regularly tested to measure their effectiveness as circumstances change. The Canberra Plan will establish a long-term agenda that will involve rethinking the way we live, use resources, and do business. It will also challenge present and future ACT elected leaders to look beyond the horizon of the electoral cycle with new perspectives, constructive dialogue and innovative solutions. Above all, The Canberra Plan will articulate a common vision of a desirable future which addresses practical concerns shaping the lives of Canberra’s people as they live, work, learn and play.