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Document downloads

You may download an entire development application in one click or view parts of the application separately.

To view the entire application you may need to download a zipreader.( PkWare, 7-Zip, WinZip )

PDF files are viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.

The time taken to download documents will depend on your internet connection and the size of the file. It may take some time before the file can be viewed.

Site plans are particularly useful to help determine the size of a proposed development. Elevations provide various views to the proposed development. The "file name" column provides additional information to help differentiate between each document.

If plans are difficult to read or you are uncertain about the proposed development, please contact us by emailing ACEPDcustomerservices@act.gov.au or call the Access Canberra Land, Planning and Building Services Shopfront on (02) 6207 1923.

You can also inspect copies of development applications at the Acess Canberra Land, Planning and Building Services Shopfront at 8 Darling Street, Mitchell ACT between 8:30am - 4:30pm business days.


Plans and documents
for Development Application:



Documents associated with this application:


Document type
File name
File size
1 - Entire DA - ZIPPED-202240368.zip
16520 KB
2 - COLOUR-202240368-01.pdf
346 KB
3 - DEMO-202240368-01.pdf
1229 KB
4 - ELEV-202240368-01.pdf
1349 KB
5 - ELEV-202240368-02.pdf
1317 KB
6 - FLOORREG-202240368-DWELLING-01.pdf
1140 KB
7 - FLOORREG-202240368-STUDIO-01.pdf
1163 KB
8 - PERSP-202240368-03.pdf
1079 KB
9 - PERSP-202240368-01.pdf
1079 KB
10 - PERSP-202240368-02.pdf
1129 KB
11 - ROOF-202240368-STUDIO-01.pdf
1329 KB
12 - ROOF-202240368-DWELLING-01.pdf
1539 KB
13 - SECTION-202240368-01.pdf
1123 KB
14 - SEDIMENT-202240368-01.pdf
1852 KB
15 - SITE-202240368-EXISTING-01.pdf
1317 KB
16 - SITE-202240368-PROPOSED-01.pdf
235 KB
17 - SURVEYCERT-202240368-01.pdf
745 KB
18 - TREE-202240368-01.pdf
1567 KB


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